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About Rob Cairns
Conflict Resolution Specialist

Mediator, Trainer, Coach and Harassment Investigator

Conflict Resolution Experience in the Workplace

Rob Cairns is a skilled mediator, facilitator, coach and harassment investigator with 20 years of experience dealing with conflict in the workplace. He has worked for various Canadian Federal Government clients, both as a Human Resources Advisor, and as an external consultant.

As a government employee, Rob designed and led training and team building workshops, facilitated meetings to develop union-management agreements, and chaired selection boards and job classification committees to arrive at decisions by consensus.

As an external consultant since 1998, Rob has conducted harassment investigations and workplace assessments, designed and delivered team building sessions and training, mediated conflict between individuals and within groups, coached employees in dealing with conflict, and facilitated group discussions to address issues such as leadership style, decision making, roles and responsibilities, and values.

Past Conflict Resolution Clients

Consulting clients include Revenue Canada, Fisheries and Oceans, Veteran’s Affairs Canadian Heritage, Transport Canada, the Canadian Grain Commission, Agriculture Canada, Passport Canada, Correctional Service Canada, The Salvation Army, and Vancouver Community College.

Rob’s Approach To Conflict Mediation

Rob’s approach to mediation and conflict resolution is heavily influenced by two models. The first of these is the developmental or transformative approach to mediation and conflict resolution. It takes into account the various developmental levels of the people involved in the conflict and how they perceive both the problem and how it ought to be solved.

The second model is called Nonviolent Communication, developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. This model involves distinguishing observations from evaluations, taking responsibility for feelings, and learning to use them to bring clarity regarding the underlying universal human needs that motivate and animate us. The outcome of this collaborative approach to conflict resolution is a solution that meets the needs of all parties and sustains trusting and respectful relationships over the long term.

For a more detailed explanation of these approaches to conflict resolution, click here.


Member of the B.C. Mediator Roster (Civil)Member of the B.C. Mediator Roster (Civil)In addition to his Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Honours) in Organizational Behaviour and Industrial Relations Management, Rob holds a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of B.C., a Masters Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University, and Certification as a Corporate Circles facilitator from CenterPoint.

Rob lives on Bowen Island with his partner Roberta, who is also an Executive Coach. They have a blended family of three children 16, 14, and 10. He is a past President of the Board of the Bowen Island Community Choir in which he and Roberta sing. Rob and Roberta enjoy working together, and conduct training and work place assessments together when the opportunity presents itself.

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Rob Cairns provides conflict resolution services including mediation, conflict resolution training, team building, workplace assessments, coaching, and harassment investigations in the Vancouver, BC area.


Edge: A communication block that occurs when an individual or group, out of fear, represses something that is trying to emerge.

- Arnold Mindell (from his book "Sitting in the Fire - Large group transformation using conflict and diversity")