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Stop Destructive Conflict
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Discover how mediation can resolve the conflict in your workplace and get it running smoothly again…

If you're tired of the stress, endless fighting and loss of productivity caused by conflict in your organization or business you need to keep reading.

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. In fact, some workplace conflict can be healthy in that it can stimulate ideas and facilitate growth and development, ultimately increasing creativity and performance. However, unresolved destructive conflict can disrupt and damage your organization to the point where productivity is seriously hampered if not halted completely.

The financial cost of unresolved workplace conflict is vast. In fact, it is considered by some to be the largest reducible, but unrecognized, cost to organizations. Research has shown that the costs of conflict in the workplace are due to a number of factors ranging from costs associated with the stress of conflict to costs incurred due to grievances and litigation.

Potential Impacts of Unresolved Conflict in the Workplace

Which of these issues are affecting your workplace?

The bottom line is that workplace conflict impacts on much more than the parties involved. Its damaging effects extend to other employees, managers, clients and customers — and ultimately, your organization's performance.

Sources of Workplace Conflict Where Mediation Can Help

Because conflict in the workplace is complex and often stems from a number of interrelated sources it can feel overwhelming to resolve. However, the longer the conflict remains unresolved the worse it tends to get. Too many organizations don't act soon enough. They make the mistake of hoping that the conflict will resolve in time… the problem is, it often doesn't.

Don't let your organization make this costly mistake.

Take Action Now to Transform The Conflict in Your Organization Through Mediation

Hi, I'm Rob Carins. As a conflict resolution facilitator, mediator and coach, I have 20 years experience successfully helping organizations resolve conflict. I have facilitated, investigated, advised and mediated many complex conflicted workplace situations, often when resolution appeared hopeless.

My unique approach goes beyond the traditional goals of most conflict resolution specialists and mediators. I aim to meet the needs of all parties affected by the conflict while focusing on the transformative possibilities inherent in the conflict. To this end, I encourage employees to stretch themselves and grow as individuals by taking greater responsibility for their own feelings and needs. As a result of the conflict resolution process they become more self aware, productive and satisfied in their work environments.

This collaborative and transformational approach potentially achieves much more than resolution of the conflict at hand. It can build and sustain trusting and respectful relationships for the long haul, allowing your workplace to function harmoniously while achieving optimal productivity.

Benefits of Utilizing My Conflict Resolution Services in your Workplace

The benefits of ending the conflict in your workplace through mediation can save you thousands of dollars annually. There is absolutely no reason to put up with conflict that is destroying your workplace.

Call me now to find out how mediation can help end the suffering and damage that is being caused to your organization. I can be reached at: 604.947.9228 or at: .

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Rob Cairns provides conflict resolution services including mediation, conflict resolution training, team building, workplace assessments, coaching, and harassment investigations in the Vancouver, BC area.

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